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The Open Source Education Foundation is a Not For Profit Corporation classified by the IRS under section 501(c)(3) (Educational Tax-exempt foundation).

We accept check / money order / cash donation. Please make checks / money orders payable to: Open Source Education Foundation.

    Open Source Education Foundation
    P.O. Box 26388
    Tucson AZ 85726-6388

We also accept online donations through PayPal. Please use the button below to make a donation online:

If you are intersted in donating equipment, please contact us (before shipping) at

    Equipment Donations
    Open Source Education Foundation
    P.O. Box 26388
    Tucson AZ 85726-6388

Donations will recieve a GPG signed reciept via email. Donations over $100(USD) may recieve a mailed reciept upon request.

To contact us for further information about donations, please email us at:

Please direct question and comments on the website to the webmaster all other inquiry's and comments can be made through our web based form or you can contact someone specific via our contact page
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