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Welcome to the Open Source Education Foundation Website

The Open Source Education Foundation (a not-for-profit company) is pleased to announce that we have received a letter of favorable determination from the Internal Revenue Service of The United States of America. This letter is concerning tax exempt charitable organization status under IRS section 501(c)(3). The Open Source Education Foundation's purpose to enhance k-12 education through the use of technologies and concepts derived from The Open Source and Free Software movement. 501c3 Tax Exempt charitable organization status is beneficial to both the foundation, and donors, as donations are now deductible from United States income tax. Read our press release(PDF)

* Open Source Education Foundation to distribute thousands of bootable free software cd-roms at national education conference. *
OSEF in conjunction with Tux4Kids has created a bootable distribution of GNU/Linux based on Klause Knopper's KNOPPIX aimed at Kids parents, teachers, and other school officials. Knoppix for Kids is now available for download(mirrors and MD5). OSEF's goal is to use this CD-ROM to bridge the information gap between educators, and technology professions regarding Free and Open Source Software on the educational desktop. To further this goal OSEF has teamed with K12LTSP and the SchoolForge coalition to distribute the CD-ROM to thousands of educators at the National Educational Computing Conference June 30th - July 2nd.
Project Last Updated: Sat Jan 23 23:42:29 MST 2003 by: Justin Zeigler

* GOVIA development reaches first feature freeze *
We believe that education is one of the most important things a society can focus on, but we feel that our modern society is falling short of supporting educators with the resources they need. We encourage everyone to contribute to the GOVIA repository, and help get resources into the hands of teachers.
Project Last Updated: Sat Jul 20 14:00:29 MST 2002 by: Justin Zeigler

Pictures of The K12Box
Finally! we have some pictures of the k12 box prototype version B. You can check them out here and here. We are also hoping to announce our next model very soon.
Project Last Updated: Tue Jan 29 10:12:322MST 2002 by: Justin Zeigler

* Schoolforge Press Release (February 20th 2002) *
School forge member icon and link to School forge website In its first month of operation, Schoolforge's membership grew from 31 organizations at its January 8 launch to 48 organizations by month's end. Members have also begun work on Schoolforge's first project, EduML, an XML-based open standard for educational software and content development.

In addition to a description of Schoolforge's mission and methods, visitors to will find news, software, and curricular resources made available by member organizations, as well as a full membership list and instructions for joining.

Project Last Updated: Fri Feb 22 00:26:57 MST 2002 by: Justin Zeigler

Please direct question and comments on the website to the webmaster all other inquiry's and comments can be made through our web based form or you can contact someone specific via our contact page
Site Last Updated: Wed Jul 31 17:02:36 MST 2002
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