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The Open Source Education Foundation is pleased to announce that the project, GOVIA, is going public. We encourage everyone to investigate GOVIA and try to submit one entry as soon as they can. Submission is easy, just follow the instructions on the right side of the GOVIA web page(url). Presently submitters must put their file on the internet (ftp or http) so that GOVIA maintainers can access it in the approval process.

There are some great free (as in liberty) resources out there for teachers; Project Gutenberg , Nupedia, Wikipedia and many others. These are all wonderful because they are free to use, modify, and build upon with out having to worry if you are breaking the law by making a copy for each of the 30 student in your class. These are all almost entirely text based content, there needs to be similar resources for media. This is where GOVIA fits in

GOVIA is intended to be a repository of information that can be used for any purpose with only two restrictions, the original authors have to be credited and the portions used must be made available. A simple link to GOVIA will suffice for for making it available, for example on a web-site that uses images from GOVIA a button (like the various powered by ones) is adequate. If you do not want to advertise for GOVIA, it is alright to make a page that allows people to download the image like in the following example:

<a href=http://location/image.png>this image</a> was created by Some Author

Please direct question and comments on the website to the webmaster all other inquiry's and comments can be made through our web based form or you can contact someone specific via our contact page
Page Last Updated: Thu Jul 25 01:35:25 MST 2002

Want to submit a file to GOVIA? It needs to be placed on a public ftp or http server somewhere and then you can use the Video, Image or Audio form.

You do not have to fill out all the fields only those that are in bold. Have fun! and than you for contributing to GOVIA.

All submission are emailed to, and then handled by hypermail to make a publicly available GOVIA que. Please Check it out and feel free to send comments.